Pope John Paul II would be 'firmly against' cancel culture: papal expert
Forty years after the unsuccessful assassination attempt against Pope St. John Paul II, a writer who extensively studied his papacy is encouraging the faithful to embrace the late pope’s model of forgiveness and reject “cancel culture,” which he characterized as “the opposite of forgiveness.”  Read More.
How to Create a Human Connection with B2B Digital Marketing
Creating a human connection is critical when it comes to building a long-term relationship. Read More.
How the right-wing is fighting back against 'cancel culture' in the Czech Republic
While the current trend in Europe appears to be censoring social media content, the Czech Republic is considering the opposite. Read More.
Former Trump Advisor Stephen Miller Refutes ‘GOP Cancel Culture’ Talking Point Used by RINOs to Skirt Accountability
Former Trump Advisor Stephen Miller refuted the GOP cancel culture talking point that has been used by RINOs in a desperate attempt to avoid constituent accountability. Read More.
Rep. Ken Buck: The real goal of cancel culture – first you're canceled, then you're replaced
Cancel culture’s damaging consequences are becoming apparent to anyone paying attention. Read More.
Instagram & Twitter apologize for ‘system errors’ that deleted pro-Palestine posts, but critics say they are still ‘censoring’
Days after Instagram and Twitter blamed “system errors” for deleted posts on unrest in Jerusalem, a coalition of civil society groups and digital rights activists have accused them of continuing to “censor” Palestinian content. ​​​​​​​ Read More.
Most Microsoft 365 Users Hit With Email Data Breaches, Study Claims
A staggering 85% of organizations using Microsoft 365 have suffered an email data breach compared to 74% of firms overall, according to Microsoft 365’s Security Blindspot, a study released Tuesday by Egress.  Read More.
Donald Glover sparks debate after seemingly blaming 'cancel culture' for current slate of 'boring' TV and film
Donald Glover is sparking a debate on social media after posting a series of tweets about the current slate of "boring stuff" on TV.  Read More.
Dave Chappelle on cancel culture: 'I hope we all survive it'
Comedian Dave Chappelle said in a recent interview that he understands the change people are trying to bring through activism and accountability for celebrities and other prominent individuals, but decried so-called cancel culture for what he described as a lack of appreciation for the creative process in comedy and other forms of art.   Read More.
Email Marketing Campaign Lands Famous CEO from Fortune 500
Many enterprise sales executives and VP of sales desire to do business with Fortune 500 companies. Read More.
The US will join the Christchurch Call to eliminate “extremist” content online
In a departure from the policy of the previous administration, the United States has announced that it has joined an initiative to bring about tighter policing of online content, launched in the wake of the March 2019 Christchurch, New Zealand mosque massacre. Read More.
10 Tips for Email Marketing Success
According to recent 2021 data, more than 319 billion emails get sent every single day. Read More.
Facebook SUSPENDS Populist London Mayor Candidate for Vaccine, Lockdown Post One Day After Trump Ban Upheld
David Kurten, the leader of the Heritage Party and candidate for Mayor of London, has been banned by Facebook for 1 week for criticising the experimental coronavirus vaccine and lockdowns. Read More.
(VIDEO) Facebook Permanently Bans Major Pro-Life News Site
Facebook permanently banned LifeSiteNews, a popular pro-life news outlet, for publishing “false information about COVID-19 that could contribute to physical harm.” Read More.

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