Google suspends all advertising in Russia
Google has suspended all advertising in Russia. Read More.
YouTube Won't Distinguish Between Misinformation and Reporting, So It Suspended My Channel
The platform punished The Hill's morning show, Rising, for showing a clip of Trump speaking. Read More.
Ukraine asked the internet’s governing body to remove Russian sites
The global internet domain nonprofit known as ICANN confirmed Tuesday that it has received a letter from the Ukrainian government asking it to remove Russian domains from the global web. Read More.
Google Blocks Russian State Media from App Store in Europe
Tech giant Google has reportedly blocked Russian state media apps including Russia Today and Sputnik from the Google Play store across Europe. Read More.
Czechia to jail people for social media posts supporting Russian invasion
“Freedom of speech also has its limits in a democratic state governed by the rule of law." Read More.
Conservatives warn of Big Tech-federal government 'collusion' on censorship
Conservatives are rallying against what they call collusion between Big Tech and the federal government, Read More.
Reddit Becomes Latest Platform To Act Against Russia's Spread of Misinformation
Popular forum site Reddit has become the latest to take action against Russia after quarantining the community subreddits r/Russia and r/RussiaPolitics. Read More.
Twitter is now labeling and lessening the visibility of tweets hyperlinked to Russian state-owned media
Micro-blogging platform Twitter will label and lessen the visibility of tweets hyperlinked to Russian state-owned media in an attempt to tamp down propaganda from the country. Read More.
‘Russian Propaganda’ Is The Latest Excuse To Expand Censorship
“I’m concerned about Russian disinformation spreading online, Read More.
Google, Facebook battle to stop spread of Russian anti-Ukraine disinformation with new changes
U.S. tech companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter have started to respond to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by attempting to stop the spread of misinformation and demonetizing ads that run on Russian state media accounts. Read More.
State Dox: UK Bill Would Force Tech Companies to Verify Identities of Users
The UK is introducing draft legislation that would require tech platforms like Facebook and Google to verify the identities of their users. Read More.
Canada: Some Freedom Convoy supporters’ bank accounts are still frozen
Civil liberties protesters can't access any of their own money. Read More.

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