Thanks To Neil Gorsuch, The Biden Administration Is Forcing Employers Everywhere To End Free Speech And Put Men In Women’s Bathrooms
As a labor and employment attorney, I have handled cases before the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for almost two decades. Read More.
Gavin Williamson warns university 'cancel culture' threatens UK's free speech reputation and praises those who 'defy the intolerant minority' on campuses
British universities' reputation as areas for free thought and speech is under threat from cancel culture, Gavin Williamson claimed today. Read More.
(VIDEO) Gavin Wax Explains Why Censoring and Deplatforming Nick Fuentes Sets a Bad Precedent for Free Speech
Right-wing political activist and columnist Gavin Wax recently appeared on Big League Politics Live where he defended his position regarding banished video blogger Nick Fuentes, who was recently axed from Twitter after enduring hit pieces against the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center. Read More.
The Insurrection – What Really Happened – an Interview with Larry Ward – Ep. 642
Who said what to who – what do we know about “The Insurrection” Read More.
Virginia school district determined to punish Christian teacher who spoke out against transgender-affirming policies, vows to take case to state Supreme Court
A Virginia school district is determined to punish a Christian physical education teacher who dared to speak out in opposition to the school's new transgender-affirming policies. Read More.
3 Ways to Improve Your Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategy
When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, virtually all businesses needed to make drastic changes to every aspect of their marketing strategy. Read More.
Republicans introduce plan to allow users to sue Big Tech platforms over censorship and much more
Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee unveiled this week a plan to regulate Big Tech monopolies, in part by allowing users who have been censored to sue the platforms. Read More.
Wokeism and cancel culture threaten our independence
‘Tis the season to commemorate our nation’s independence. Read More.
History professor under attack from peers for taking stance against 1619 Project curriculum
A history professor who urged K-12 superintendents in his state against implementing the 1619 Project curriculum has come under heavy fire from peers who have attacked and vilified him. Read More.
Conan O'Brien, Sean Penn discuss cancel culture calling it 'very Soviet' and 'ludicrous'
Conan O’Brien and Sean Penn opened up about cancel culture doing a sort of informal cost-benefit-analysis on what it means for actors telling the important stories of our time.  Read More.
In a cancel culture, anonymity must be a civil right
Anonymity, in ordinary times, is a tough topic to wrestle with. Read More.
Brands Show Heightened Interest In Personalized Content, 'Opt-Out' Too
Whether we realize it or not, we are all in the business of content. Read More.
Cancel culture insanity – Children’s book society cancels its own “inclusion officer” over backlash about harmless post
The emerging cancel culture has found its way into the world’s leading children’s book writers’ group. Read More.
CNN Propagandists Attempt to Cancel Tucker Carlson by Claiming He is the ‘New Alex Jones’
Propagandists at CNN are attempting to cancel Fox News host Tucker Carlson by claiming he is the “new Alex Jones.” Read More.

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