Biden’s Controversial FCC Nominee Gigi Sohn to Face Scrutiny over Calls for Censorship, Leftist Advocacy
Gigi Sohn, President Joe Biden’s progressive nominee for the FCC, will likely face intense scrutiny over her seemingly endless controversial statements as she hopes to get confirmed to the nation’s leading technology agency. Read More.
Department of Health and Human Services is sued after ignoring freedom of information request over censorship demands
The Surgeon General has repeatedly called for censorship of "misinformation" online. Read More.
'Results are changing quickly': Media, Big Tech take pains to bury Pfizer 'mutate' video
FDA declines to say whether it asked Pfizer for explanation of undercover video. Tucker Carlson producer claims Google staffer "call[ed] us to kill the story." Tabloid quickly erases report with no explanation. Read More.
Feds adapting AI used to silence ISIS to combat American dissent on vaccines, elections
The federal government, working hand-in-hand with universities, private companies and Big Tech, is funneling millions of dollars in taxpayer money to fund an AI censorship program to be used on American citizens. Read More.
German government secretly met with US Big Tech to censor speech
Lawmakers want to know whether it was a violation of the German Constitution. Read More.
Mark Zuckerberg to End Suspension of Donald Trump from Facebook and Instagram
Facebook (now known as Meta) will reportedly end former President Donald Trump’s suspension from its main platform as well as Instagram following an announcement made at the beginning of January that it would decide on reinstating Trump “in the coming weeks.” Read More.
Amazon Retires Amazon Smile, Won’t Say If Replacement Programs Will Continue to Systematically Exclude Conservatives
Amazon will retire its charity platform, Amazon Smile, and the Big Tech company aims to replace some of that effort with other charitable programs, Read More.
UT Austin Blocks TikTok on University Wi-Fi Networks
Texas, 21 other states, and the federal government have all issued bans on TikTok from government-owned devices. Read More.
Morris: FBI Director Wray Hints at ‘Collaboration’ with Private Sector Amid Political Scandals
Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Director Christopher Wray alluded to “collaboration between the private sector and the government,” Read More.
Emails show CDC had ‘significant influence’ on COVID policies at Facebook, worked to 'silence' vaccine dissent
'Twitter is not the only social media site to face pressure to censor content,' Robby Soave wrote Read More.

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