Elon Slams Apple's Farcical "AI" Launch, Says Will Ban Tim Cook's "Creepy Spyware" Devices If They Integrate OpenAI
In the end, Apple's 2024 Worldwide Developers Conference proved to be a flop, with the stock sliding 1.9%, its worst WWDC performance since 2010 and the 4th worst in the iPhone era. Read More.
Inside the Pentagon’s New “Perception Management” Office to Counter Disinformation
“Perception management” came to prominence during the Reagan administration, which used the term to describe its propaganda efforts. Read More.
Alex Jones files to liquidate assets after Sandy Hook families reject $55 million settlement
Infowars owner Alex Jones was ordered to pay the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting $1.5 billion. Read More.
Google leak of alleged SEO documents shows importance of brand marketing, but don’t ditch best practices
Over the weekend, thousands of alleged Google Search API documents were leaked. The highly technical documents purport to cover Google’s over 14,000 ranking factors, how link value and click behavior are evaluated, and how Google classifies smaller sites. But for the average marketer focused on building a brand, the news may be more exciting than actionable. Read More.
TikTok removes promo of Dr. Phil’s Trump interview, audience member says friends are supporting Trump | See Interview Here
“I’m upset with my 401k, I’m upset when I go to the grocery store and they’re all voting for Trump now,” an audience member said after seeing the interview. Read More.
Right wing TikTokers sue Biden admin, challenging TikTok law on First Amendment grounds
Right-leaning TikTok users filed a lawsuit Thursday against the TikTok law President Biden signed in April, arguing it violates users' constitutional right to free speech. Read More.
Watch: Rumble CEO Blasts Growing Censorship Laws – “It All Comes Down to One Thing: Freedom”
Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski condemns Western governments for eroding free speech protections under the guise of national security and public health. Read More.
Pro-Censorship EU Official: X Must Comply With Europe’s "Limit of Freedom of Speech”
Commissioner Jourova advocates for "professional fact-checking" while pushing for tighter control over social media. Read More.
Donald Trump’s TikTok account hits 5m followers after four days despite his calls to ban the platform
In 2020, at the end of his term in the White House, Donald Trump unsuccessfully tried to force TikTok off the top app stores and have its Chinese parent company divest its ownership. Read More.
Elon Musk’s X requests Supreme Court investigate how Jack Smith obtained Trump’s social media files
X Corp. is asking the justices whether social media platforms can be forced to share data while being disabled from informinge users about the requests. Read More.
E-Trade reportedly weighs banning meme-stock icon Roaring Kitty, despite worries of a backlash
Morgan Stanley’s E-Trade platform is reportedly deciding whether to ban meme-stock pioneer Keith Gill, better known as “Roaring Kitty,” after recent purchases he made of GameStop Corp. options raised questions about possible stock manipulation. Read More.
Judge rejects call to immediately shut down Alex Jones' Infowars in bankruptcy dispute
A federal judge has rejected a request to immediately shut down conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' media company as disputes in his bankruptcy cases widen. U.S. Read More.
Google Tightens Influence on UK Elections with New "Moderation" Tactics
The tech giant's new measures aim to combat "misinformation" but raise concerns over increased censorship and control. Read More.

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