YouTube slaps 'offensive' content warning on '100 reasons to recall Gavin Newsom' video shared by Larry Elder
YouTube has placed an "offensive" content warning on a campaign video listing "100 reasons" to support the recall of Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom. Read More.
Federal judge rules against Donald Trump Jr., says defamation lawsuit over his tweet can proceed
A federal judge ruled against Donald Trump Jr. and said Wednesday that a defamation lawsuit over his tweets against him can continue. Read More.
Instagram 'incorrectly' deleted account of mother of fallen service member Kareem Nikoui
Instagram "incorrectly" and temporarily deleted an account belonging to the mother of Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui, one of the 13 U.S. service members killed in Afghanistan last week. Read More.
Prince Harry Endorses Social Media Crackdown On COVID-19 Vaccine ‘Misinformation’
Prince Harry called for more Big Tech censorship of COVID-19 vaccine “misinformation” during the 2021 British GQ Men of The Year Awards. Read More.
U.S. branch campuses in China create ‘ethical quandaries’ for free speech, criticism of China: expert
Sarah McLaughlin started working at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education back in 2012 as part of Drexel University’s undergraduate co-op program, where she worked directly with students and faculty facing rights violations as part of FIRE’s Individual Rights Defense Program. Read More.
How to Create Customer-Focused Copy for More Conversions
If you think that using some solid keywords to boost your search results can help you increase your conversions, you might have to reconsider your strategy. Read More.
Three Digital Marketing Industry Challenges That May Positively Impact Email Marketing
Email and digital marketers can be excused if they have been feeling a bit stressed over the past year. Read More.
'Big Tech' censorship of religion is real and deserves an effective response, critics say
The power of major internet companies like Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, and Twitter over public life is a particular threat to religious groups that focus on controversial issues like abortion, marriage, and sexuality, several commentators said at a roundtable last week. Read More.
Comedy Central Caves to Cancel Culture, Removes Episode from 'The Office' Line-up
NBC's long-running show The Office is the latest comedy series to join the list of those to become casualties of cancel culture. Read More.
COVID vaccine doubter Alex Berenson permanently banned from Twitter
Conservative commentator and vaccine doubter Alex Berenson has reportedly been permanently suspended from Twitter for violating the social media platform’s COVID-19 misinformation rules. ​​​​​​​ Read More.
BIG BROTHER: JPMorgan Chase Terminates Account of General Michael Flynn Over His Political Views
JPMorgan Chase bank has terminated the account of General Michael Flynn, citing potential “reputational risk” for providing banking services to the American patriot. Read More.
Inconclusive intel report on COVID-19 conclusively proved one thing: Censorship is harmful
The U.S. intelligence community's latest report on the origins of COVID-19 could not determine whether the virus was leaked from a Chinese lab or evolved in nature. Read More.
Why Branding Is So Important for You and Your Business
As a business counselor for our local Small Business Development Center and a small business mentor for the Service Corp of Retired Executives, I have noticed an increase in the number of questions I get related to branding. Read More.

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