Court Thinks Senator Warren's Attempt To "Persuade" Amazon To Ban Books Doesn't Violate First Amendment
In the court's opinion, her demands did not cross "the constitutional line between persuasion and coercion." Read More.
New Twitter rules expose election offices to spoof accounts
NEW YORK (AP) — Tracking down accurate information about Philadelphia’s elections on Twitter used to be easy. The account for the city commissioners who run elections, @phillyvotes, was the only one carrying a blue check mark, a sign of authenticity. Read More.
America First Legal Slaps 'Election Integrity Partnership' with Class Action Censorship Lawsuit
America First Legal, the advocacy group founded by former Donald Trump senior advisor Stephen Miller, is leading a class-action lawsuit against several entities that conspired with the U.S. government to censor the speech of Americans. Read More.
Republicans Probe State Department Funding Censorship of Conservatives
Foreign Affairs Republicans demanded more information about the department's funding of groups that censor conservatives and free speech. Read More.
Did FBI's Censorship Guy Hide Connections To Biden Scandal?
Missouri and Louisiana have unearthed damning evidence in their First Amendment lawsuit against the Biden administration. Read More.
Report: FBI Assists Ukraine in Fighting 'Disinformation' on Facebook
A report by Lee Fang, a former journalist for the Intercept, states that the FBI is pressuring Facebook and other social media platforms to censor "disinformation" at the behest of Ukrainian officials — even when the information is not false. Read More.
Lawsuit: Government's Hands Are All Over EIP's Censorship
While private platforms did the censoring, the complaint establishes it was the government that initiated and pushed for that censorship. Read More.
Why I’m More Scared Of American Social Media Than TikTok
Unlike American social media companies, the deep state can't control TikTok, so they want to annihilate it. Read More.
Musk: Euro Hate Speech Laws are a 'Massive Attack' on Free Speech
Elon Musk has condemned forthcoming hate speech laws in one EU country as being a "massive attack against freedom of speech". Read More.
Ukraine Attempted to Blow up Vladimir Putin With Suicide Drone: Claim
Ukrainian special forces used a military drone packed with explosives to try and kill Russian President Vladimir Putin, a newspaper claims. Read More.

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