George Soros’s media matters is finally being investigated
Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey (R) is asking a state court to enforce a civil investigative demand as part of his investigation into potential advertising fraud committed by the left-wing non-profit Media Matters for America in a campaign against Elon Musk’s X (formerly Twitter). The civil investigative demand — which functions similarly to a subpoena — would clear the way for Bailey to investigate the […] Read More.
The Road To A New McCarthyism
I wonder how many people have recoiled with horror at what happened in the House of Representatives recently. I am referring to the decision, effectively, to ban the social media platform, TikTok, in the United States (to ‘protect Americans from foreign adversaries’), Read More.
Ron DeSantis Signs Legislation Aimed to Protect Minors from 'Danger' of Social Media
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation aimed at addressing mounting concerns over minors and the addictive influence of social media. Read More.
Biden Regime Funded Radical International Group to Censor and Smear American Websites and News Outlets, AFL Legal Reveals
America First Legal revealed on Monday that Joe Biden was paying radical foreign operatives to target American websites like The Gateway Pundit. Read More.
Facebook Secretly Wiretapped Competitors: Documents
Facebook secretly obtained proprietary data from competitors, including Snapchat, according to newly unsealed court documents. Read More.
‘60 Minutes’ omits ‘misinformation researcher’ donated to Biden campaigns, received millions in grants from Biden administration
She also worked with left-wing research and pro-censorship groups to address alleged misinformation. Read More.
X To Pay Legal Fees Of Doctor Targeted For Speaking Out Against COVID Lockdowns
"Free speech is the bedrock of democracy and a critical defense against totalitarianism in all forms" Read More.
The Free Speech Trifecta: How the Court Could Fundamentally Alter Free Speech in Three Pending Cases
Below is my column on the three major free speech cases heard by the Supreme Court in the last month. The three cases (Murthy v. Missouri, National Rifle Association of America v. Vullo, and Gonzal… Read More.
US Bank Debanks Constitution Party of Idaho
The following press release was sent out by the Constitution Party of Idaho. Read More.
NYT pushes more fake news on disinformation as SCOTUS mulls
SCOTUS is pondering whether the Biden White House infringed on Americans’ First Amendment rights. Naturally, The New York Times stepped in to save the day. Read More.
Billionaires, Big Tech and Big Pharma Were Pandemic's Big Winners, New Report Confirms
As the wealth of U.S. billionaires soared by over $2.6 trillion during the pandemic, major pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Moderna and tech giants such as Meta, Alphabet, and Amazon also saw their market capitalizations skyrocket. Read More.
"It's Not About Trump": American CJ Hopkins, Charged Again in Germany, Describes Global Censorship Effort
Acquitted on German hate speech charges in January, American playwright CJ Hopkins is being charged again for the same offense. He has a scary message for Americans Read More.
DOJ sues Apple over iPhone monopoly in landmark antitrust case
Apple and its iPhone and App Store business have been eyed by the Department of Justice, which previously filed antitrust suits against Google. Read More.
Poll: Third party candidates boost Trump’s lead over Biden
Former President Donald Trump is narrowly beating President Joe Biden in a head-to-head faceoff going into November, a new national poll shows. Read More.

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