Voice Actor Tara Strong is Fired After Social Media Posts Commenting on Israel-Hamas Conflict
One of the most prolific voice actors comes upon turbulent times after her social media pronouncements expressing her staunch support. Read More.
Media Research Center's Censortrack Database Documents 6,000+ Online Censorship Cases
The Media Research Center (MRC)'s Censortrack database, which tracks online censorship, has surpassed 6,000 cases. Read More.
With new declaration, luminaries warn that online censorship is destroying freedom
Since the COVID pandemic, authoritarians around the world have used claims of “disinformation” to censor people and stifle dissent about everything from the efficacy of masks and vaccines to the wa… Read More.
Judge Imposes Limited Gag Order on Trump in Federal Election-Interference Case
Defense team argued that restrictions on Republican candidate’s speech amount to censorship Read More.
Harvard, 2023's Worst School for Free Speech, Claims Commitment to 'Free Expression' for Pro-Hamas Students
Harvard, named FIRE's worst school for free speech in 2023, ciites its "commitment to free expression" in defending pro-Hamas students. Read More.
European Regulator Demands Elon Musk Remove 'Misinformation,' 'Illegal Content' About Israel-Palestine Conflict From X
A European regulator is demanding Elon Musk censor “disinformation” and “illegal content” surrounding the Israel-Palestine war Read More.
Australia Threatens X 'Twitter' With $500K-a-Day Free Speech Tax.
The Australian government is threatening to impose fines of up to $475,000 a day on Twitter if it is not satisfied the platform is doing enough to censor Read More.
Stanford scholars can testify on lockdown learning loss after California drops gag order
California's governor has criticized Governor Ron DeSantis for limiting faculty speech. Read More.
How to fight for internet freedom
The internet has never been less free, and AI is making it worse. But there are ways to make it safer and more open for everyone. Read More.
EU Invokes Censorship Law To Threaten X, Accuses it of Allowing "Disinformation"
Escalating tensions between the pro-censorship factions of the EU and tech mogul Elon Musk reached a new peak as European officials accused Musk’s social media platform X Read More.
The United States is "Lurching" Toward China-Style Financial Surveillance
Pretty serious suspicions are being raised regarding the direction the US financial system (and associated tech companies) are taking, this time by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB). Read More.

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