X Won't Demonetize Russell Brand, The Company Tells Pro-Censorship British MPs
Rival platform YouTube banned Brand from earning a living on the platform. Read More.
Alito: SCOTUS on Biden Social Media Censorship ‘Highly Disturbing’
A divided Supreme Court ruled the Biden WH can resume censoring conservatives on social media for now; Alito called it “highly disturbing.” Read More.
Consortium News Sues "Misinformation" Arbiter NewsGuard
NewsGuard Technologies Inc., an organization focused on combating “misinformation” in news media, along with the federal government, is facing legal challenges over alleged defamation Read More.
China Creates ‘Global A.I. Governance Initiative’ to Control World's Tech
China launches its own "Global A.I. Governance Initiative" in a tantrum against U.S. restricitons on advanced chip sales. Read More.
Americans' Trust In News Media Falls To New Lows
These unsurprising figures were unearthed by a Gallup poll conducted in the first half of September. Read More.
The EU Demands "Disinformation" Answers From Meta and TikTok
The EU is continuing to meddle in speech-related issues. Read More.
WHO Director-General Complains "The Spread of Misinformation" Undermines "Faith in Our Institutions"
It's never the fault of the institutions in the eyes of those that run the institutions. Read More.
‘Happily’: JK Rowling Says She’d Do Prison Time Over Transgender Views
“Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling said Tuesday that she would “happily” do prison time over new censorship of free speech in Britain. Read More.
Elon Musk Slams EU over NewsGuard Association: 'What a Scam!'
Elon Musk has slammed the European Union over its work with NewsGuard, calling the organization a "scam" that "ought to be disbanded." Read More.
New York Attorney General Letitia James Demands Censorship of Speech Regarding Israel-Hamas Conflict
James hasn't learned her lesson after already being sued on First Amendment grounds. Read More.
EU Commission recommends nations 'fast-track' implementation of censoring 'illegal content' on the internet after Hamas attack
The Commission is encouraging nations to move up the clock on their compliance with the directives. Read More.

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