Cancel culture at UNCW drives leadership out
Describing a culture of silencing conservative voices at UNCW, one trustee was driven to quit last week with an openly critical post of Seahawk nation on Facebook. Read More.
Teacher ordered to take down 'political' Thin Blue Line flag honoring her brother, a former cop — but Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ symbols are just fine
A school district in western Washington state ordered a teacher to take down a pro-police Thin Blue Line flag in her classroom that honors her brother since it's a "political symbol" and could cause a "disruption" — yet Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ symbols and messages apparently are just fine, Jason Rantz of KTTH-AM reported. Read More.
Psaki calls for censorship of Instagram, Facebook: ‘Too much power’
White House press secretary Jen Psaki appeared to call for censorship of social media Friday while discussing a recent report that highlighted the negative effects Instagram and Facebook can have on young teens.  Read More.
‘Dear Evan Hansen’ director says movie takes aim at cancel culture
Director Stephen Chbosky says his new film adaptation of the hit Broadway musical “Dear Evan Hansen,” opening Friday, offers a critique of social media’s cancel culture. Read More.
Long Arm of Cancel Culture Comes for Knitting
The word “knitting” normally evokes quaint images of grandma sitting in her rocking chair by the fireplace, needles and yarn in hand, as she makes a pair of mittens for her grandchildren to wear while they play in the snow. Read More.
5 Simple Strategies to Update & Automate Your Email Marketing
Utilizing the latest email marketing strategies is a great way to expand the reach of your business and help you connect with a wide range of customers. Read More.
7 Ways a CRM Can Help Reduce Costs For Your Business
Are you still printing documents and piling them up in a file folder, or sending an email with the attached copy of what’s been written on paper? Read More.
Everything But The Cookie: What Brands Are Doing To Drive Great Customer Experiences
Email marketers are not the most popular people in America.  Read More.
Facebook and Instagram Censor Project Veritas Video of Federal Health Care Professionals Admitting Heinous Side Effects of COVID Vaccine
Facebook and Instagram are censoring the Project Veritas video of federal medical professionals admitting the adverse effects caused by the COVID-19 vaccine. Read More.
Survey: 23% of college students support violence to stop a speaker they disagree with
In a worrying trend for free speech on college campuses, a growing number of students are expressing support for shouting down a campus speaker they disagree with, or even using violence to stop a speaker, a new survey finds. Read More.
Johnny Depp Rails Against Cancel Culture: ‘No One Is Safe. Not One of You.’
Johnny Depp appeared at the San Sebastian Film Festival this week to receive the event’s honorary Donostia Award, and he used the corresponding press conference to rail against cancel culture. Read More.
12 People Canceled by the Left After Expressing Conservative Views
Cancel culture runs rampant in today’s America. Read More.
Value Is Not A Destination
Too often, when sales people talk about value, it seems it’s some sort of fixed outcome customers should expect if they buy the sales person’s solution. Read More.
10 Tips to Create Blog Posts That Convert
Blogging is an effective marketing tool that is sadly underutilized by some businesses. Read More.
What cancel culture is really about, and how one critic says to fight back
Cancel culture has affected nearly every industry, from the media to Big Tech, academia, and the government.  Read More.

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