Judge Rules Jen Psaki Must Be Deposed in Lawsuit Alleging Big Tech Collusion
Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki must be deposed in the lawsuit alleging the Biden Administration colluded with Big Tech to stifle free speech, a federal judge ruled on Monday. Read More.
FEC seeks ‘biggest expansion’ of internet regulation
The Federal Election Commission, which hasn’t updated internet regulations significantly since 2006, is eyeing new rules that a key member has warned will crush online political speech. Read More.
Censor-Happy Leftist Yoel Roth Outlines Playbook to Restrain Free Speech on Twitter
Yoel Roth, the rabidly anti-Trump former Twitter employee who briefly served as the site’s top censor, Read More.
Mass. health officials worked with Google to covertly install COVID ‘spyware’ into 1M phones, lawsuit claims
Class-action suit claims MA government installed 'spyware ... without their owners’ permission and awareness' Read More.
Mayorkas defends DHS efforts to address online “disinformation”
But said recent documents showing social media collusion were from before he was in office. Read More.
NY Federal Reserve and major banks announce 'digital dollar' pilot program, setting off alarm bells
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York and a host of major banks announced Tuesday a pilot program for a "digital dollar," raising new concerns about the potential shift to a centralized digital currency. Read More.
Pocket Change: Google to Pay $391 Million in Privacy Settlement over Tracking Users Without Consent
Google is set to pay $391 million in a privacy settlement after 40 states accused the tech giant of tracking the location of users who opted out of the location services on their devices. Read More.
Judge Blocks Biden Admin’s Attempt to Shield FBI Official from Deposition on Social-Media Censorship
An FBI official will be deposed in a lawsuit over alleged collusion between the Biden administration and social-media companies to censor speech on topics ranging from Hunter Biden’s laptop to Covid-19, Read More.
Democrats renew push for cryptocurrency regulations after FTX collapse
Democratic lawmakers and agency officials are calling for more regulations on cryptocurrencies after one of the largest exchanges neared collapse. Read More.

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