Hong Kong's Anthem Ban Sparks International Free Speech Concerns
A judicial ruling quiets an anthem on platforms like Google but amplifies global concerns over Hong Kong's commitment to civil liberties in the shadow of China. Read More.
Rumble reveals censorship demands from surprising list of countries as CEO to testify on free speech threats
Chris Pavlovski, CEO of Rumble, is set to testify before Congress on censorship efforts by foreign governments against his company's site, including by a surprising number of U.S. allies. Read More.
White House Pressured Tech Firms to Censor Speech, House Republican Report Details
‘While the Biden White House’s pressure campaign largely succeeded, its effects were devastating,’ the House Republican report said. Read More.
TikTok Fights Back Against Ban
TikTok's legal challenge asserts that the new law not only threatens its existence but may also set a dangerous precedent for free speech online. Read More.
China Remains World's Biggest Jailer Of Journalists: World Press Freedom Index 2024
ZeroHedge - On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero Read More.
Brazil tried to censor Rumble and X to suppress election integrity concerns, Judiciary Committee docs reveal
Moraes has claimed that those who question the integrity of Brazil’s last election are guilty of spreading “disinformation.” Read More.
RFK Jr. Accuses Mark Zuckerberg's Meta of Election Interference for Censoring 'Who Is Bobby Kennedy?' Film
Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is accusing Mark Zuckerberg's Meta of election interference, claiming the social media giant censored the film, Who Is Bobby Kennedy? on Facebook and Instagram. Read More.
49 GOP Senators Confront Biden With a Bold Plea To Halt WHO Pandemic Proposals
Forty-nine Republican Senators challenge President Biden, demanding a retreat from WHO-led global pandemic initiatives amid concerns over censorship and surveillance. Read More.
Matt Gaetz Grills Former Biden Assistant Over Administration’s Censorship Regime
The official site of the Dan Bongino podcast. Stay up to date on breaking news and information from Dan. Read More.
Marco Rubio: TikTok Parent Company Poses a National Security Threat
Recently, a constituent emailed my office about TikTok. "I have not as yet seen evidence that the app poses security risks," he wrote. I hear this a lot from Americans skeptical of Congress' bill to require TikTok to cut ties with its Chinese parent company, ByteDance. Read More.
JACK POSOBIEC: Is there anything Elizabeth Warren doesn’t want to micromanage?
While she claims to support free enterprise, Warren’s idea of free enterprise is essentially capitalism in bubble wrap: that is to say, capitalism so regulated and stripped of any risk that it becomes socialism by another name. Read More.
The $2 Trillion Secret Trial Against Google Returns Tomorrow
It's been a long Winter, but the antitrust trial of the century (thus far) returns. The judge continues to keep it too secret, which is why you haven't heard about it. But there's now an audio line. Read More.
Ads on Facebook, Instagram for explicit 'AI girlfriends' prompts Meta crackdown
Meta is scrubbing ads for "AI girlfriend" chatbots from its platforms after tens of thousands of explicit ads for the apps were found across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. Read More.
Americans’ comfort using biometrics in place of passwords, legacy ID verification grows
Most agree that they would use biometrics to verify their identity for banking and government services on how their data is used and stored. Read More.
8 Other Chinese apps that could be affected by the TikTok ban
United States officials have warned about the risks of the popular social media platform TikTok for years. Now, a new law will give the government the authority to act on these warnings by banning one of the most popular apps in America. But this doesn’t mean TikTok will be banned immediately. At least, not yet. Congress passed legislation […] Read More.

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