Twitter employees who donated to campaigns gave overwhelmingly to Democrats: FEC
Nearly all Twitter employees who made online campaign contributions donated to Democrats in 2021, according to data from the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). Read More.
NYC Mayor de Blasio announces COVID-19 vaccine mandate for private sector workers
The NYC mayor called it a 'preemptive strike' against the omicron variant and a potential winter spike Read More.
Big Tech Censors Science: Twitter Slaps Warning Label On American Heart Association Abstract
Twitter lackeys know more about heart health than the American Heart Association. Wrap your mind around that one. Read More.
Twitter’s new censorship policy backfires
A new policy on personal information has apparently backfired, with the platform claiming it had resulted in a large number of “malicious” and “coordinated” reports against users, some of whom were suspended by “accident.” Read More.
James O’Keefe Responds to New Twitter Policy
Twitter updated their policies this week, which no longer allows the sharing of media without people’s prior consent. Read More.
Twitter's new privacy rules aren't there for YOUR privacy
A new policy by Twitter that promises to ban private photos and videos of private individuals is just another attempt by big media to prevent legitimate investigations of prominent people. Read More.
Orewellian Facebook censorship strikes again
Facebook's fake fact checkers, working on behalf of various money interests, have long been known to ignore blatant false information when it's put out by favored government, public health officials or other special interests as long as it's on-the-narrative. Read More.
My Twitter Ban Proves Twitter Manipulates Its Platform to Silence Conservatives
Twitter's 'rules' are purposefully ambiguous, so its technocrats can freely delete ideas they dislike while promoting those they prefer. Read More.
Federal judge blocks Texas law that would stop social media firms from banning users for a "viewpoint"
The law was passed this year after outcry from Republicans over perceived anti-conservative bias among major tech companies. Read More.
Welcome to Mark Zuckerberg’s New Dystopia: the Metaverse
Americans are familiar with the idea of a dystopian future, dominated by an inescapable metaverse and ruled over by Big Tech overlords. Read More.
Twitter Censors Links to American Heart Association over Vaccine Research
Twitter is warning users that the website of the American Heart Association may be “unsafe,” after it published an abstract in one of its medical journals containing research linking mRNA COVID-19 jabs to heart inflammation. Read More.
Antifa Accounts Exploit Twitter Rule Change to Harass Journalist Andy Ngo
Supporters of the violent, extremist Antifa movement are already attempting to exploit Twitter’s new ban on the sharing of private photos to stop people sharing mugshots of far-left activists who have been arrested for engaging in violence, looting, and other acts of thuggery. Read More.
I've reported how Facebook censors me. Now I've learned that they also censor environmentalist Michael Shellenberger, statistician Bjorn Lomborg and former New York Times columnist John Tierney. Read More.
Soros-Linked FCC Nominee Gigi Sohn WHITEWASHED Conservative Censorship
If Gigi Sohn is confirmed to the FCC, it might stand for Federal Censorship Commission instead of Federal Communications Commission. Read More.
States are the last line of defense against Big Tech
While the Biden administration appears uninterested in combating online censorship, that doesn’t mean conservatives are powerless to do anything about it. States can act, and they must if they hope to protect First Amendment freedoms. Read More.

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