The Key to Successful Email Monetization? Put the Customer First
By conducting an in-depth audience analysis, you can optimize the effectiveness of programmatic native advertising via email list monetization. Read More.
Katt Williams says cancel culture doesn't exist, comedians who are afraid should get out of the business
Katt Williams is the latest comedian to speak out about cancel culture and its impact on the world of stand-up comedy.  Read More.
Study: Consumers Want To Know What Data Brands Have On Them
Consumers are nervous about data security, according to a new study by Axway.  Read More.
England Cricketer Gets International Ban For Edgy Tweets He Posted When He Was a Teenager
England cricketer Ollie Robinson has now been suspended from all international matches over some edgy tweets he posted when he was a teenager in yet another foul example of cancel culture. Read More.
JUST IN: Nigeria Halts Twitter Operations in the Country After They Suspended President Muhammadu Buhari For “Abusive Behavior”
The Nigerian government on Friday announced it is suspending Twitter operations in the country indefinitely. Read More.
Facebook, Instagram Using Fake Fact Checks To Curb Reporting On Fauci Emails
Facebook is actively using its Big Tech powers to censor and suppress reporting about the release of Anthony Fauci’s emails. Read More.
Supreme Court Pares Back Anti-Hacking Law
In a closely watched case, the Supreme Court Thursday voted 6-3 to narrow the scope of a 1980s-era anti-hacking law. Read More.
Major news outlets start to embrace YouTube alternative Rumble
Creator-focused video sharing platform Rumble’s record growth is starting to attract a growing number of major news brands to its platform. Read More.
Topic Clusters Simplify Your Content Strategy and Improve SEO
If you have been posting on your blog for quite some time, you probably have an extensive amount of good content for your visitors. Read More.
Google Removes Top ‘Diversity’ Exec After Antisemitic Comments Exposed
Google has removed Kamau Bobb from his “head of diversity” position after discovering a blog post from 2007 in which Bobb wrote that Jewish people have “an insatiable appetite for war and killing.” Read More.
Conservatives blast Facebook over sudden decision to end ban on COVID origin posts
Conservatives did not hold back criticism of Facebook after the social media giant suddenly decided to end its moratorium on posts related to the origin of COVID-19. Read More.
Fauci's private pandemic emails reveal responses to censorship rumors
Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and President Biden's chief medical adviser, responded to dozens of emails from fellow medical professionals who thought he was being censored under the Trump administration. Read More.
Trump blog page is permanently shut down
Former President Trump’s blog, where he shared statements with supporters after being banned from social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, has been shut down. Read More.
Facebook ‘globalised Chinese-style censorship’ on Wuhan lab leak theory
Spiked Online Editor Brendan O’Neill says Facebook was “globalising Chinese-style censorship” in banning suggestions COVID-19 came from a lab in Wuhan. Read More.
Email Automation: The Driving Force That Accelerates Business Growth
Email marketing is consistently giving the best ROI among all digital marketing channels, and 2021 is not going to be an exception to it. An estimated 319.6 billion emails will be sent and received each day in 2021, with ROI projected as high as 4400%. That’s a highly promising figure but sending out emails in such huge volumes is impossible without email automation. Read More.

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