Michigan valedictorian's speech censored, criticized as 'very Christianized': complaint
The principal suggested the student's speech wasn't inclusive enough of other faiths Read More.
Facebook Whistleblower Goes Public After Leaking Vaccine Hesitancy Docs
A Facebook whistleblower has gone public amid his suspension for leaking documents. On Thursday, Morgan Kahmann said telling Americans about the social media giant’s censorship of vaccine hesitant posts is more important than keeping his job. Read More.
How To Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy?
If content is king, then email marketing is queen. There are many businesses that fail to understand the true potential of email marketing. A successful email marketing strategy can reveal the potential of your brand. Read More.
China censors Gaga, Bieber, LGBTQ references from ‘Friends’ reunion
Chinese viewers got a different show, and they’re none too pleased about it. Read More.
Florida faces lawsuit over Trump-inspired law to block Facebook, YouTube and Twitter from political 'censorship'
Calling it a “frontal assault on the First Amendment,” a federal lawsuit is seeking to strike down a Florida law that penalizes social media companies for barring the speech of political candidates, USA TODAY has learned. Read More.
12 Books to Help Refresh Your Marketing Strategy
These books from Entrepreneur Press can help you boost your marketing game. Read More.
Facebook Ends Ban on Posts Asserting Covid-19 Was Man-Made
Social media titan’s policy shift reflects a deepening debate over the origins of the virus first identified in Wuhan, China Read More.
Texas House midnight deadline passes without vote on social media censorship bill
AUSTIN (Nexstar) — One of Lt. Governor Dan Patrick’s priority bills this session missed a midnight deadline on the Texas House floor Tuesday night. Read More.
5 Essential Ways to Make Digital Marketing Content Work for Your Brand
7 out of 10 Americans use social media nowadays. If you are involved in social media marketing, having excellent digital marketing content is the best way to engage a large audience. Read More.
Murkowski joins Romney in backing a Jan. 6 commission, Democrats still need eight more GOP votes
Senate Democrats need 10 Republicans to vote in favor of the commission to get the legislation to President Biden's desk. Read More.
DeSantis signs bill blocking big tech 'censorship'
MIAMI - Taking aim at Silicon Valley, Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday signed a measure to crack down on large social-media companies that block users from their platforms. Read More.
Digital Ways to Keep a Good Track of Your Business During Pandemic
Tracking your business has always been an important factor, but amidst the covid pandemic, it has become more crucial. In this era, where traditional businesses have turned into online businesses and everyone’s locked and working from home, it has become challenging for employers to track their employee performance and daily operations. Read More.
Group: Georgia can block internet firms from censoring views
ATLANTA (AP) — The leader of a conservative group told Georgia state lawmakers Thursday that free speech rights of Americans should at least partially override the private property rights of internet companies, arguing that large technology companies are improperly censoring speech. Read More.
The fight back against digital censorship gathers momentum
There are signs that bulk censorship and state surveillance may have reached their high-water mark, at least in the West. Read More.
The Difference Between Social Media and Digital Marketing
It is important to understand the differences between Social Media and Digital Marketing, so people can go to the right resources for their campaigns. Read More.

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