Cancel Culture Comes to Georgia and Comes for Me
We live in a world where people can destroy someone else’s life from a smartphone in a matter of minutes. Read More.
Hundreds of thousands flock to Rumble to watch Trump interview censored by Big Tech
Former President Donald Trump’s first on-camera since leaving office has gone viral on the video-sharing platform Rumble after it was purged by Facebook and Instagram for being “in the voice of President Trump.” Read More.
Big Tech aggressively censoring RELIGIOUS content and groups, all while protecting Satanism and pedophilia
A new report from the Napa Legal Institute found that Big Tech is now censoring religious groups and figureheads at a rate of about one per week, even as these same tech platforms protect and promote pedophiles and Satanists. Read More.
How to Stand Out in a Crowded Content Marketing Space
For more than a decade, content marketing has been a favorite marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes in nearly all industries. Read More.
New website shielding against ‘cancel culture’ attracts Trump, GOP: report
Former President Donald Trump and some GOP candidates and organizations are migrating to an online platform created by the Trump campaign’s former manager​ to protect conservative campaigns against “cancel culture,” according to a report on Thursday. Read More.
Satirical Semite: Cancel Cancel Culture
As cancel culture marches forward with increased momentum, artists are hiding in their foxholes, afraid of being ostracized for a flippant tweet written during their brazen-faced youth. Read More.
4 Marketing Trends Worth Following this Year
Are you looking for a way to improve your marketing in 2021? If so, you’re not alone. Read More.
Journalists Attack the Powerless, Then Self-Victimize to Bar Criticisms of Themselves
The daily newspaper USA Today is the second-most circulated print newspaper in the United States — more than The New York Times and more than double The Washington Post. Only The Wall Street Journal has higher circulation numbers. Read More.
GoFundMe Yanks Page Run by Virginia Parents Fighting Woke Curriculum
GoFundMe bowed to pressure from progressive activists and deactivated a fundraiser affiliated with a group of Virginia parents fighting the infusion of critical race theory in Loudoun County Public Schools.  Read More.
Email Marketing Isn’t Dead: Your Guide To Boosting Email ROI With Relevance Improvements
Email marketing doesn’t get the appreciation it deserves. While SEO and voice search often hog the spotlight these days, old-fashioned email marketing still brings in higher returns, according to business owners.  Read More.
5 Reasons for Advisors to Use Financial Wellness in Their Content Marketing
Content marketing isn’t just the wave of the future — it is the wave of the present. Read More.
Captain Underpants author the latest to have book pulled over concerns of 'passive racism'
Scholastic pulled distribution of a children’s book written by the Captain Underpants series author over concerns the book promoted “passive racism.” Read More.
Loudoun County Crazy: Diversity Council Says ‘We Can And We Will Silence The Opposition’
Loudoun County Public Schools diversity council in Virginia threatened to “silence” any parents who voice opposition to the affluent school district’s inclusion of critical race theory in its curriculum. Read More.
New Facebook Terms of Service (TOS) threaten to BAN users who disagree with official government statistics about covid or influenza
Facebook recently updated its Terms of Service (TOS) to include a fresh warning against the sharing of information that the social media giant deems as a threat to the official government narrative surrounding the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). Read More.

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