Zuck’s War: Facebook Says You Can Call for Death of Russians, but Not Putin
Facebook has partially backtracked on its previous announcement that calling for violence against Russians was acceptable on the platform, Read More.
Secret Surveillance Program Collects Americans’ Money-Transfer Data, Senator Says
Hundreds of federal and local law-enforcement agencies have access to the records, Sen. Ron Wyden says in a letter Read More.
Court Gives Greenlight For German Agency to Spy on Populist Party
A German administrative court has given the country’s domestic intelligence agency the green light to actively spy on the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD), Read More.
Eight countries team up to form Digital ID group
Eight countries team up to form Digital ID group Read More.
War in Ukraine: Facebook to allow calls for violence against Putin
The owner of Facebook and Instagram will allow users in some countries to call for violence against Vladimir Putin and Russian soldiers. Read More.
‘Digital Iron Curtain:’ Major Internet Backbone Providers Shut Down Service in Russia
Two major American companies that provide internet services to Russia has announced plans to pull out of the country. Read More.
Google-Owned YouTube Censors 2016 Documentary ‘Ukraine on Fire’ Featuring Oliver Stone
Google-owned YouTube has censored Ukraine On Fire, a 2016 documentary chronicling the events of Euromaidan, Read More.
Biden to sign executive order on regulating, issuing cryptocurrency
President Biden is reportedly set to sign an executive order on cryptocurrency this week that will direct several federal agencies to investigate and develop policies and regulations on digital currencies. Read More.
Australia vows to crack down on Russian 'propagandists and purveyors of disinformation'
New sanctions dedicated to target the Kremlin's disinformation and propaganda efforts Read More.
Coinbase says it's blocked 25,000 Russian accounts, as the crypto exchange steps up its efforts to stamp out illicit activity
Coinbase said on Monday it had blocked 25,000 accounts linked to Russian users that it said it believed were involved in illicit activity, Read More.
Conservatives fear censorship of Russians could be turned against them
The West's effort to curb pro-Russian websites and media outlets in reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is driven by lopsided business interests that could eventually censor conservatives, Read More.
New York Times op-ed calls for more censorship in order to 'protect democracy'
The author argued government censorship is not the clearest danger to American democracy Read More.

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