Poland Presses Facebook, YouTube to Stop ‘Misinformation’
The President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, has met with representatives of both Facebook and Google-owned YouTube, including the CEO of the latter, in order to discuss alleged Russian “disinformation” on the two platforms. Read More.
Lawmakers want answers on “misinformation” tool used in schools
Republicans in the House Education Committee sent letters to misinformation rating tool NewsGuard and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), demanding answers about their partnership to protect American children from “misinformation.” Read More.
User content subject to 'some authority' by CRTC under Bill C-11, regulator says
The CRTC’s powers over user-generated content under Bill C-11 are limited, representatives from the regulator told MPs Tuesday evening. Read More.
Mike Tyson Podcast With Alex Jones Censored After Pressure From Big Tech
A much hyped interview that was set to be broadcast on boxing legend Mike Tyson’s Hotboxin’ podcast with Alex Jones was censored after Tyson’s production company reportedly came under pressure from Big Tech and other outside groups. Read More.
Uvalde failure stalls the argument for social media surveillance
Civil liberties groups have long said such surveillance is a breach of privacy and isn't even effective. Read More.
Supreme Court temporarily blocks Texas anti-censorship social media law
The Supreme Court temporarily blocked Texas's controversial, Republican-backed social media law that would have banned major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube from censoring most content. Read More.
Great Reset: European NGO Pushes Public to Use China-Style App to Report ‘Digital Violence’ and Hate Speech
A number of NGOs in Europe are pushing for the population to use China-style software to report instances of racism, hate speech and “digital violence” to them. Read More.
SEC Launches Probe of Elon Musk’s Initial Twitter Stake Purchase
The SEC is investigating Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s disclosure of his stake in Twitter according to a recent letter sent by the agency. Read More.
Why do we observe Memorial Day? Here's the true history of the holiday
No, Memorial Day isn't about a long weekend road trip, backyard barbecue or sales. The real meaning of the national holiday is much more somber. Read More.
World Economic Forum ‘Press Freedom’ Panel Calls for Algorithmic Suppression of Hate Speech, Rumours
Rumours, falsehoods, division, and hate speech should be suppressed by social media algorithms, according to a “freedom of the press” panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Thursday. Read More.
Senators Demand All Internal Records On Biden ‘Ministry Of Truth’
“So that we can learn why the Department ever thought creating a disinformation board would be a good idea.” Read More.

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