Yelp steers women away from crisis pregnancy centers, claims they give 'misleading information' to prevent abortion
Yelp is now the latest Big Tech company to shore up access to abortion in the wake of the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Read More.
TikTok’s New ‘Elections Center’ Is A Massive Threat To National Security
That we’ve forfeited this much control to a hostile foreign power is one of the most mind-boggling, slow-motion political blunders in modern history. Read More.
Twitter whistleblower claims company had 'extreme, egregious' security problems
Twitter executives attempted to deceive regulators about major security problems that make users' personal information vulnerable to hackers, according to a new whistleblower complaint. Read More.
Facebook Unveils Plan to “Protect” the 2022 midterms
Facebook has recently unveiled its plans to interfere in the 2022 midterm elections. Read More.
Researcher claims Tik Tok able to track users' keystrokes
Revelation comes as Congress explores what actions to potentially take against TikTok when it comes to privacy. Read More.
Facebook Tightens Moderation Policies to ‘Safeguard’ 2022 Midterms
Facebook will prevent edits to ads dealing with social, political, or electoral issues that are approved to run in the week of the midterm elections, Read More.
TikTok outlines plans to censor conspiracy theories and election falsehoods
TikTok announced plans to censor conspiracy theories and misinformation during the 2022 midterm elections. Read More.
If Big Tech Isn’t Regulated Before 2024, The Election Will Be Rigged Again
Republicans need to make Big Tech and social media companies protect free speech before the 2024 presidential election. Read More.
Communist Party Pipeline: 300 Current TikTok and ByteDance Employees Come from Chinese State Media
The LinkedIn profiles for hundreds of China-owned Tiktok and ByteDance employees reveal that many used to work for Chinese state media, and in some cases still maintain their employment with Chinese government mouthpieces. Read More.
Alex Berenson claims Biden administration pressured Twitter to ban him, reveals damning evidence from lawsuit against big tech giant
Journalist Alex Berenson – an outspoken critic of the government's COVID-19 response – claimed that the Biden administration privately pressured Twitter to ban him from the social media platform. Read More.
Security Researchers: Facebook ‘Injects’ Code to Track Everything You Do After Clicking on Links
Facebook (now known as Meta) has reportedly been rewriting websites that its users visit, allowing the company to track them across the web after they click links in its app by “injecting” tracking code. Read More.

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