‘Our Choice Is Clear’: Holocaust Survivor Outlines History of Propaganda in the U.S. and How It Led to Today’s Globalists’ Power Grab
In a recent CHD.TV presentation, Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav traced modern political and commercial propaganda back to Word War I, warning that officials today use the same psychological manipulation tactics to control COVID-19 policy dissent and to push the “Great Reset.” Read More.
EXCLUSIVE: College Republicans of America endorses Trump for president
The organization said the decision to endorse a candidate for the primary, “typically a rare occurrence in GOP circles, underscores the exceptional nature of this electoral cycle and President Trump’s dominant influence within the Party.” Read More.
Hunter Biden faces contempt of Congress vote amid mounting evidence
The president’s son, Hunter Biden, faces a contempt of Congress charge vote in the U.S. House of Representatives amid mounting evidence and criticism. Read More.
SEC probing fake post on its X account, bitcoin ETFs not yet approved
The U.S. securities regulator said someone briefly accessed its X social media account on Tuesday and posted a fake message saying it had approved exchange-traded funds (ETF) for bitcoin, a move eagerly awaited by the crypto industry. Read More.
Watch: Bret Weinstein Warns Tucker WHO Is Making ‘Troubling’ Moves To Control Health Emergency Responses
WHO drafting “pandemic preparedness plan modifications" to end free speech in response to "dissidents" in America who "upended" establishment COVID-19 Read More.
Hackers Exploit Third-Party Cookies to Access Google Accounts Without Passwords
Security experts at CloudSEK have reportedly identified a new form of malware that exploits third-party cookies, allowing unauthorized access to Google accounts without the need for passwords. Read More.
How hackers can send text messages from your phone without you knowing
Kurt “CyberGuy" Knutsson discusses how hackers can send text messages (spoofing) from your phone without you knowing about it. Read More.
Facebook and YouTube Censored Victims of AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine
Those who have experienced serious health issues following their Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid vaccination are raising more concerns about censorship on social media platforms. Read More.
How We Squeezed Harvard to Push Claudine Gay Out
Conservatives can prevail in the culture wars by understanding how power works—and using it. Read More.
Federally Funded United States Institute of Peace Calls for “Collaborations” Between the Public and Private Sectors To Address “Disinformation”
A US federal institution is getting dangerously close to advocating for restrictions on speech. We have learned a lot about this from Twitter and Facebook Files, but this time pressure is expressed openly, albeit in a careful and subtle way. Read More.
Introducing 'Link History,' Facebook's Ominous Tech for Tracking Your Every Move
Facebook has recently launched a new feature called "Link History," designed to keep track of all the links clicked by users within its mobile app. The technology is the latest demonstration of Mark Zuckerberg's endless hunger to gather every speck of Facebook users' personal data. Read More.
Social Media Giants Raked in Nearly $11 Billion in Ad Revenue From Kids and Teens Under 18
In the first known study to estimate social media platform-specific advertising revenue from youth, researchers at Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard University revealed social media giants made nearly $11 billion in advertising revenue from U.S.-based users younger than 18 last year. Read More.

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