‘Patriot Act on Steroids:’ Conservatives Slam RESTRICT Act on Social Media
The outrage over the draconian RESTRICT Act, marketed to the public as a “TikTok ban,” is rapidly rising. Read More.
Google asks judge to toss out DOJ advertising antitrust case
Google requested a judge dismiss the Department of Justice's advertising-related antitrust lawsuit, one of its first efforts to free itself from federal scrutiny of its advertising practices. Read More.
Substack writer Matt Taibbi says IRS visited his home while he was testifying in Congress: Cruz, Musk weigh in
Taibbi testified before the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government on March 9 Read More.
Confronted by FBI abuses, Congress ready to add civil liberty protections to key surveillance law
New guardrails likely to protect Americans under FISA Section 702, House Intelligence Committee members say. Read More.
Just say 'no' to Central Bank Digital Currency
In the 1980s, as the crack cocaine epidemic was pulverizing the country, First Lady Nancy Reagan launched her famous "just say no" campaign, intended to discourage experimental drug use among young Americans. Read More.
Facebook, Google, Amazon Share ‘Revolving Door’ With Justice Department
The Justice Department and Big Tech seem to have a revolving-door relationship, one watchdog group contends after doing an analysis covering over 20 years. Read More.
Judge impressed by evidence of Biden administration coercion in social media censorship case
More like Rhode Island commission that warned distributors about obscene books than California elections office that flagged social media posts with no implied threat, ruling says. Read More.
Biden fails to dismiss censorship collusion lawsuit
The lawsuit into social media censorship collusion will continue. Read More.
Great Reset: EU Vote to Implement Digital ID Latest Step in the ‘Chinaficaton of Europe’ – MEP
A European Parliament vote for bloc-wide digital IDs is the latest step towards the “Chinafication of Europe”, an MEP has claimed. Read More.
Federal Judge Delivers Major Setback To Biden Admin In Pivotal Censorship Case
A federal judge ruled against the Biden administration’s efforts to dismiss a case involving online censorship Monday, saying that the states of Missouri and Louisiana had “plausibly alleged” First Amendment violations. Read More.

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