The Supreme Court’s major questions doctrine and its implications for Big Tech
Last week, the Supreme Court punctuated a blockbuster term with a significant administrative law case. Although West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency was not as flashy as gun control or abortion, Read More.
California’s leak of gun owner addresses and information is worse than previously thought
Even those who were denied a license also had their details leaked. Read More.
Facebook Flags Babylon Bee Over Pregnant Ken Doll Satire
One of Facebook’s “fact checkers” flagged a post last week from the Babylon Bee, the leading conservative satirical website, Read More.
TikTok Confirms Employees in China Can Access American User Data
The Chinese-owned video app TikTok has confirmed that employees within the communist dictatorship can access the personal data of U.S. users. Read More.
National Right to Life website taken down by cyberattack
The website for National Right to Life Committee is offline after apparently being targeted for cyberattack. Read More.
Most people are eager for digital IDs, military defense contractor says
Apparently, people love the idea of a dystopian future. Read More.
California Just Leaked The Name, Address Of Every Concealed Carry Licensee In The State
The California government has leaked an enormous volume of personal data on the state's gun owners—including the name and address of every concealed carry permit holder in the state. Read More.
Woke capital: How a liberal financial movement stokes fears of a surveillance state
'It's like a trojan horse of progressivism that is detrimental to our freedoms," Utah Treasurer Marlo Oaks says. Read More.
California presses ahead with restricting doctors’ speech from going against “contemporary scientific consensus”
The likely-unconstitutional bill is heading to the Senate Appropriations Committee. Read More.
Canadian Regulators Want to Use Law to Force Big Tech to ‘Manipulate’ Algorithms
Canada’s communications regulatory agency, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) could force tech companies to “manipulate” their algorithms to favor Canadian content, according to CRTC Chairman Ian Scott. Read More.
Report: Facebook Blocks Links to Website for Class Action Payouts from Facebook
Facebook is reportedly blocking links to the official page explaining how to receive payouts in a successful class action lawsuit brought against the company. Read More.
Google searches for program to keep campaign emails out of spam: Report
Google has asked the Federal Election Commission to approve a pilot program designed to keep verified campaign-related emails from falling into spam folders. Read More.

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