YouTube alternative Rumble to pay 'thought leaders' for exclusive content to attract non-MAGA audience
Video platform Rumble will pay eight well-known "thought leaders," including former Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and firebrand journalist Glenn Greenwald, to create exclusive content in an attempt to attract a more mainstream audience and compete with YouTube. Read More.
Cancel Culture, Wokeness Will Destroy Our Country
The enabling tool of what we call “cancel culture” or “wokeness” is language. Read More.
YouTube Will Censor You If You Disagree With The Government — Even If You’re In The Government
YouTube is once again curbing free speech, this time censoring Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., for disagreeing with the government. Read More.
Marketing's Tech-tonic Shift: 90% Have Changed Their Digital Strategies
Marketers are doing some fancy footwork to keep up with post-pandemic changes, judging by The State Of Marketing, Seventh Edition, a study released Wednesday by Salesforce. Read More.
Progressives Will Never Get Unity Until They Kill Cancel Culture
Cancel culture is the left-wing equivalent of eating at Golden Corral. Read More.
The worst year for censorship in America’s history
The past 12 months have without a doubt been the worst year of censorship our nation has faced, with Silicon Valley’s Big Tech oligarchs taking more liberties with our liberties, brazenly dictating what is acceptable to say and think. Read More.
Retired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman says Fox News host Tucker Carlson likes to 'demonize and hate the United States'
Retired Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman criticized Fox News host Tucker Carlson for scaremongering and anti-American rhetoric. Read More.
PayPal whipped into cancel culture by woke police, conservatives say
PayPal has a new initiative to reduce hate and extremism that will result in nonliberal groups and individuals being banned by the finance giant, conservatives say, because it has succumbed to pressures to be "woke." Read More.
VIDEO: Antifa attacks families at Christian prayer event in Portland park
Appalling video shows Antifa militants attacking a group of Christians who were participating in a prayer event at a park in Portland, Oregon. Read More.
Students report peers’ mean words to UConn bias reporting system, records show
Student free-speech advocates at the University of Connecticut fighting for First Amendment rights on campus recently said the school’s bias reporting system is used as a weapon to target free speech. Read More.
Epic Games CEO warns of Apple 'state surveillance'
Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has launched further criticism of Apple's new Child Safety policies, calling the measures "government spyware". Read More.
Tech censorship only seems to punish conservatives
The most egregious aspects of tech giant censorship is that it is seldom wielded consistently and often nets just one side of politics, writes Jack Houghton. Read More.
Venezuelan journalists fight censorship with curbside broadcasts
After boarding a bus in Venezuela’s capital, Juan Pablo Lares sits in front facing the passengers, turns on a microphone and speaker, and delivers the news while a colleague holds a black cardboard frame around his face to mimic a television screen. ​​​​​​​ Read More.
Twitter Blacklists ‘Bronze Age Mindset’ Author
Twitter has banned the account of Bronze Age Pervert, the pseudonymous author of the influential Nietszchean manifesto Bronze Age Mindset.  Read More.
Kingdom living in a cancel culture world
Freedom of speech is under assault in America. Read More.

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