NYT pushes more fake news on disinformation as SCOTUS mulls

The “disinformation” warriors are out in full force to get the Supreme Court to reverse the landmark rulings that the Biden administration infringed on Americans’ constitutional rights by leaning on Big Tech to suppress content it disliked.

Mind you, while the “disinfo” zealots claim to fight falsehood, they mostly target speech they simply dislike, much of it perfectly true.

On Sunday, the New York Times jumped in with a “news” article that fundamentally misled by painting concerns about this censorship as ginned up mainly by “Trump allies.”

Which is utterly nuts: The central journalistic work was done by lefties Matt Taibbi and Lee Fang and iconoclasts Bari Weiss and Michael Shellenberger; the Taibbi-Shellenberger testimony to Congress was based entirely on their investigations, not some Trumpie whispering in their ears.

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