Florida Bill Attempts to Make Accusations of "Transphobia" or "Racism" More Easily Liable For Defamation

A potentially precedent-setting bill has been proposed in the Florida Senate that could redefine defamation language surrounding terms such as “transphobic,” “homophobic,” “racist,” or “sexist.” The bill, labeled SB 1780, suggests these terms could be deemed defamatory, eliminating the need to satisfy the standard of “actual malice,” which has been a significant threshold in defamation lawsuits since the 1964 Supreme Court case, New York Times v. Sullivan.

Designated as the “Defamation, False Light, and Unauthorized Publication of Name or Likeness” bill, SB 1780 would ease the path to launch defamation lawsuits and make it easier to suppress speech.

We obtained a copy of the bill for you here.

It distinctly makes the claim that any insinuation of the plaintiff being discriminatory against any person or group due to their race, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity inherently constitutes defamation.

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