Biden's Surgeon General claims Joe Rogan should be censored
"We've got to recognize that our technology platforms, whether particularly social media, these have an important role to play... These platforms have still not stepped up to do the right thing." Read More.
Dana White Says 'Brilliant' Joe Rogan Can't Be Canceled
Dana White is backing Joe Rogan, as the controversial podcast host faces criticism from scientists over COVID-19-related misinformation on The Joe Rogan Experience. Read More.
Neil Young deletes open letter calling for Joe Rogan censorship on Spotify
Young had tried to threaten Spotify with pulling out if it didn't censor the world's number one podcast. Read More.
GETTR: Leaked Texts Suggest Miles Guo Is Jason Miller's Boss, Tells Him What to Do
Leaked WhatsApp messages between Jason Miller and Miles Guo suggests Guo has far more influence over GETTR than previously claimed. Read More.
GETTR CEO Jason Miller is Forced to Admit His Social Media Platform Does Not Support Freedom of Speech
GETTR CEO Jason Miller has a great deal of egg on his face after appearing on a livestream with popular video podcaster Tim Pool on Wednesday. Read More.
German Government Demands Big Tech Crack Down On Telegram, Other Free Speech Apps
Tells Apple and Google that Telegram is “a form of accelerator for right-wing extremism and conspiracy theories” Read More.
Democrats’ new bill targets “surveillance advertising”
The bill is set to limit the ways companies can profit from user data. Read More.
Conservative Stack Founder Larry Ward on Real America's Voice Network Discussing First Amendment Violations Committed By The Biden Administration
Larry Ward on Real America's Voice Network discussing his take on how the Biden Administration is actively infringing on your First Amendment. Read More.
Rand Paul asks if YouTube will 'kiss my ....' and apologize after CDC revises mask guidance
YouTube suspended the Kentucky U.S. senator in August over a video discussing the effectiveness of masks Read More.
Tim Pool gets swatted AGAIN during Timcast IRL
This is the second time Tim Pool has been swatted this January. Read More.
Anti-Vaxx Mandate Song ‘More Of Us’ Deboosted from YouTube
Award-winning Canadian musician and journalist Matt Brevner’s new song ‘More Of Us’ has been de-boosted for marketing by YouTube and Google. Read More.
Rumble partners with Dan Bongino backed payment processor Parallel Economy to create an economy “free from discrimination”
"Our mission is to eliminate every chokepoint and backdoor to cancel companies like Rumble and our creators," Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski said. Read More.
Minnesota Bank and Trust moves to CANCEL MyPillow founder's bank accounts
The accounts in question are Lindell Management, Lindell Outreach, Lindell Recovery Network, Lindell-TV, Lindell Foundation, Lindell Publishing, Frankspeech, Michael Lindell Personal, and MyStore. Read More.
Google and Facebook CEOs colluded in online-ad sales scheme, unredacted antitrust lawsuit alleges
Search company charged advertisers more than they told publishers, states claim in antitrust suit, pocketing the difference of more than $200 million a year Read More.

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