Warning: If you're hosting NZ "whistleblower data" on your server, you're at risk of losing EVERYTHING...

Rumors are circulating that former New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern has issued orders to delete all leaked COVID vaccine data. The speculation was shared by former Parliamentary candidate Jim Ferguson on X:

Did Jacinda Ardern just order the Data to be deleted? Amidst a growing storm of controversy, there’s escalating turmoil within the World Economic Forum and New Zealand’s government circles. Panic appears to have set in as they desperately attempt to shut down any public access to the information. This unrest is fueled by a purported leak of sensitive information, allegedly connecting COVID-19 vaccines to a significant upsurge in illness and fatalities in New Zealand. Amidst this chaos, swirling rumors suggest a drastic move: a directive to erase this contentious data. https://x.com/JimFergusonUK/status/1732072545447301367?s=20… While unverified whispers implicate former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in potentially ordering this data purge, concrete evidence remains elusive. As the situation unfolds, there are increasing demands to: “Release the Data now!” If she and her former administration have nothing to hide then release the data now.

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