Trudeau's 'Online Harms' bill could criminalize the pro-life, pro-family movement

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  • Source: LifeSite
  • 03/11/2024

With the introduction of the “Online Harms Act” (Bill C-63) on February 26, the Trudeau Liberals, with the support of the New Democratic Party (NDP), have unveiled the next step in their devious plan to create a powerful online censorship regime.

This ideologically-driven regime undoubtedly targets people like you and me – people who hold to traditional values on human life, marriage, gender, faith, and family.

When combined with other laws the Trudeau government has passed during its eight-year tenure (C-11C-18C-4), and in light of other proposals in the works (like C-367), Bill C-63 spells the end of any meaningful pro-life, pro-family, and pro-freedom discourse on the Canadian internet.

Those who fall afoul of the new law by posting what may be misconstrued as homophobic, transphobic, or misogynist “hate speech” could face fines of tens of thousands of dollars or five years in prison. Section 13 of the bill even proposes life in prison for the worst offenders!

Source: LifeSite

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