Rumble makes offer to buy and operate TikTok in the US

The free speech video platform Rumble has offered to buy TikTok, as legislation moves through Congress that would see the popular social media platform banned in the US if parent company ByteDance does not divest from TikTok.

"In the event that ByteDance divests its ownership in TikTok, Rumble is ready to join a consortium with other parties seeking to acquire and operate TikTok inside the United States. Specifically, we are ready to serve as a cloud technology partner," a letter from Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski to TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew states.

"Yesterday, Rumble announced the public launch of Rumble Cloud, a new infrastructure as a service offering that champions the free and open internet," Pavlovski wrote. "All data on the Rumble Cloud is stored safely and securely at sites inside of the United States on Rumble’s own neutral and independent infrastructure."

The letter concluded, "Rumble’s offer to serve as a partner to a consortium to acquire and operate TikTok is subject to the negotiation of a definitive agreement."


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