Ron DeSantis Signs Legislation Aimed to Protect Minors from 'Danger' of Social Media

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  • Source: Breitbart
  • 03/29/2024

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) on Monday signed legislation aimed at addressing mounting concerns over minors and the addictive influence social media has on them.

The legislation, H.B. 3, outlines online protection for minors on social media platforms, requiring some to “prohibit certain minors from creating new accounts” and “requiring social media platforms to terminate certain accounts and provide additional options for termination of such accounts,” according to a summary of the bill.

The bill also provides “conditions under which social media platforms are required to prohibit certain minors from entering into contracts to become account holders.” In other words, minors 14 and 15 will not be able to create accounts on the apps without parental consent.

According to Florida’s Voice, “the bill requires adequate age verification measures for internet sites that contains [sic] obscene or ‘harmful’ content, unsuitable for minors.”

Source: Breitbart

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