Prince Harry Endorses Social Media Crackdown On COVID-19 Vaccine ‘Misinformation’

Prince Harry called for more Big Tech censorship of COVID-19 vaccine “misinformation” during the 2021 British GQ Men of The Year Awards.

Harry, who appeared on a live stream from his house, used his time on the screen to call attention to the “less than 2 percent of people in the developing world [who] have received a single dose” of the COVID-19 shot. This “imbalance,” Harry said, along with “misinformation” in the news and on social media is holding the world back in the fight against the virus.

“At the same time, families around the world are being overwhelmed by mass-scale misinformation across ‘news’ media and social media, where those who peddle in lies and fear are creating vaccine hesitancy, which in turn is dividing communities and eroding trust,” Harry said. “This is a system we need to break if we are to overcome COVID-19 and the risk of new variants.”

Prince Harry by Prince Harry at Canterbury University is licensed under Flickr CC BY 2.0

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