Poll: Democrat-Led Cancel Culture Is A Big Turnoff For Voters In New Jersey, Virginia

Swing voters in New Jersey and Virginia are fed up with Democrats pushing cancel culture, a new poll from the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) suggests.

The survey of 656 “high propensity persuadable voters” located in two districts in New Jersey and Virginia found that after RSLC digital advertisements targeted Democrats for promoting cancel culture, citizens were more likely to vote for Republican candidates.

“The key message of the ad was simple: the cancel culture tactics that drove Major League Baseball to move its annual All-Star Game out of Atlanta will cost Georgia $100 million, hurt the very communities Democrats claim to be fighting for, and could eventually be waged against New Jerseyans and Virginians of all backgrounds and ideologies,” RSLC said. “It was meant to show just how out of control President Biden and the liberals who run Washington have become in their first few months in power, seeking to appeal to those who may not traditionally support Republicans but are concerned that the Democratic Party no longer rep

I Voted by KOMUnews is licensed under Flickr CC BY 2.0

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