Only 36% Believe Kyle Rittenhouse Media Coverage Was Fair

The latest polling from Rasmussen shows that only 36 percent of respondents believe the media coverage of Kyle Rittenhouse was fair.

Rittenhouse, who faced life in prison for shooting and killing two (white) scumbags and wounding a third (who was also white), was found not guilty by a Kenosha, Wisconsin, jury last week.

There were all kinds of videos of the altercation, and the video proved beyond any doubt Rittenhouse was an innocent victim in legitimate fear of his own life when these (white) depraved scumbags attacked him, one with a gun.

When 1,000 likely voters were asked, “How fair was media coverage of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial?” only 14 percent said “very fair,” while only 22 percent said “somewhat fair.”
Meanwhile, a clear plurality of 47 percent said the coverage was “not very fair” (19 percent) and “not at all fair” (28 percent).

Eighteen percent had no opinion, which aligns pretty closely with the 24 percent who said they didn’t follow the story closely.

An old man watching the news by Amanna Avena is licensed under Unsplash

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