My Twitter Ban Proves Twitter Manipulates Its Platform to Silence Conservatives

If you had any hope Jack Dorsey leaving Twitter might help the platform navigate back toward enabling an open exchange of ideas, the big update his successor announced on his first day at the helm should nip that optimism in the bud.

“Beginning today,” Twitter warned, “we will not allow the sharing of private media, such as images or videos of private individuals without their consent. Publishing people’s private info is also prohibited under the policy, as is threatening or incentivizing others to do so.”

What will this mean in practice? While Twitter says “context matters” and that some “newsworthy events” will be exempted, the move is obviously aimed at the kind of undercover reporting Project Veritas is using effectively. (Otherwise they would have explicitly excepted anything of public concern.)

“So Twitter is now saying: the purest form of journalism — the investigative format where veracity is unimpeachable as the information exposed comes straight from the subjects themselves — will be removed on an ad hoc basis by a self anointed digital ministry of truth,” Veritas’ Matthew Tyrmand wrote in response.

Twitter-censored-2 by EFF Photos is licensed under Flickr CC BY 2.0

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