Mailchimp deplatforming a local tea party is a hallmark of fascism

If you’re on Mailchimp, you need to download your audience email list and leave. They’re deplatforming conservatives, most recently the Northern Virgina Tea Party simply for informing members of a recount rally. From Luke Rosiak:

If you use any third-party application to run your business or engage with customers, etc., you should regularly export (I mean daily) your audience email list. Otherwise, if you’re deplatformed you will have to fight to get it.

I left Mailchimp earlier this year for Substack to avoid this, but every day new lines are drawn and companies are expected to pledge fealty or risk the mob. Since many would like to avoid negative PR in this pandemic economy, they often choose to satiate the mob.

In the beginning of social media, even before the Tea Party, conservatives were out-organizing the left on social networks. One of the first major social media campaigns was the #DontGo movement. Through that hashtag, activists implored Republicans to stay on in the House to fight for lower energy prices even after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi turned off the lights and cameras in the chamber.

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