“Internet freedom” advocacy group NetChoice called out for promoting social media censorship

(Natural News) An organization that claims to promote free speech on the internet has quietly been promoting censorship online. Trade association NetChoice has been called out for promoting social media censorship in its blog posts.

According to Breitbart, recent blog posts by NetChoice’s policy counsel have argued against the notion that major tech platforms should be designated as common carriers. As part of this, it stated that forcing social media platforms to carry all legal speech would lead to firehose obscenity.

“Making it illegal for social media platforms to moderate content would result in a Mad Max-style, anything-goes internet,” reads the post. “Children would be subjected to some of the worst parts of the internet and platforms would be powerless to create safe ecosystems free from unwanted, offensive, and profane material. People just trying to watch cat videos or connect with their family over Facebook would be forced to wade through a sea of unseemly content, such as racist posts or pornography.”

Phone Home by Alessandro Valli is licensed under Flickr CC BY 2.0

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