Instagram Slaps 'False' Label On My Accurate Reporting

Instead of addressing the “vast pedophile network” allegedly thriving on Instagram, the platform is focussing its time on defaming and censoring The Federalist for exposing the globalist, Michael Bloomberg-run “C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group,” which has an “ambitious target” of limiting clothing consumption and banning meat, dairy, and private vehicle ownership by 2030.

On Tuesday, Instagram slapped a “false” label on a reel I made exposing the 14 American cities that are part of C40 and its disturbing goals, using a Politifact “fact-check” of a separate Instagram user and media site to purposely and deceptively discredit my factual reporting.

In the “fact-check” article attached to my Instagram post, Politifact links to a 
article and an Instagram post that both read, “Fourteen major American cities  signed onto a globalist climate agreement… that includes eliminating meat and dairy consumption, private vehicle ownership, air travel, and clothing purchases.” Politifact accuses and the Instagram user of “distort[ing]” the C40 report because C40 “does not say U.S. cities have signed onto these bans.”

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