Improve Your Lead Qualification and Email Marketing Processes With AI

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  • 07/22/2021

As AI technology develops and improves over time, businesses all over the world have been racing to learn the capabilities of AI and harness its powers to enhance their marketing and sales strategies. The rapid growth and acceptance of AI tools have allowed both small and large businesses to automate important yet mundane and repetitive tasks to achieve growth and scalability like never before. The extensive time and strenuous effort once required to schedule meetings, answer questions and nurture relationships with leads, and craft effective emails can now be taken over by automated machines, allowing sales and marketing teams to focus on more important tasks that will help companies meet their business goals.

While business leaders acknowledge the importance of AI marketing tools like Exceed and have high regard for the technology, they often have insufficient knowledge about its capabilities, disallowing them from harnessing the powers of automation for their businesses. According to this study from the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute, 50% of business leaders admitted to having a basic understanding of AI technology and their implications. 

In order to close the knowledge gap, we have decided to outline how business leaders can utilize AI to enhance their email marketing process and improve their open rates, response rates, and overall conversions. By sharing this knowledge and educating leaders on the capabilities of AI, both consumers and business owners can benefit – the former receiving relevant and helpful marketing material suited for their needs, and the latter utilizing their scarce resources to reach the right consumers.

Source: PI
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