How to reevaluate your highest-ROI marketing channel

One thing marketers are thankful for about 2020 is that it’s almost over. They did not have much of a chance to proactively examine their email marketing programs for what’s working and what isn’t—a critical miss, considering many marketers cite email as the channel offering the best ROI.

We recently spoke with Norman Guadagno, CMO of Acoustic, a marketing cloud platform spun off from IBM Watson Marketing, about email marketing best practices and why marketers should always be actively testing their email efforts.

How has email marketing changed in 2020?

Businesses are in many cases reevaluating or tightening budgets, and many have pulled back on their spend—except for a small sector that may be increasing its span.

One of the things we’ve recommended to customers is to step back and take a hard look at their email practices overall. Do I need to send this email? Is there a clear message, a clear call to action (CTA)? Do I know my audience? Am I being transparent? Those are just basic good practices. When you drop in millions of emails at a large volume and you’re getting lots of activity, maybe you don’t have to be as focused on best practices, but now, when every email might count, maybe you do.

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