How Microsoft's Bing in China censors Uyghur 'genocide'

Microsoft, the world’s most valuable company, is “erasing” the suffering of the persecuted Uyghur minority from internet searches in China, The Post has learned.

Results from the tech giant’s Bing search engine show how its Chinese users are presented with different results from American users.

And in the most egregious example, Bing image results for the term “Uyghur” when entered in China display cheerful Uyghurs smiling and dancing — part of a larger propaganda effort to persuade the world Uyghurs lead idyllic lives under Chinese rule.

The Chinese Communist regime in Beijing has run a scorched earth campaign against the Uyghurs, a predominantly-Muslim ethnic minority officially number 12 million people living in Xinjiang province, in the far west of China, which has included imprisoning more than one million in concentration camps since 2017 — and has been officially declared a “genocide” by the State Department.

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