German government secretly met with US Big Tech to censor speech

German authorities have made quite a name for themselves over the past several years by walking the fine line, and critics say sometimes crossing it, between protecting citizens’ freedom of speech, and censoring them for “online speech.”

So is it really surprising that, in the wake of scandalous revelations about Covid (and elections) related collaboration, or some would say, collusion between US government and Big Tech, something of the kind was also happening in ?

Some German politicians, like Vice President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Kubicki from the FDP party, seem to be. Kubicki is now demanding “clarification” of what was going on, recalling free speech-related Article 5 of the German Constitution, and asking that citizens be informed whether the former government, led by Angela Merkel, violated the country’s top legal document.

blue, red, and yellow flag by Christian Wiediger is licensed under Unsplash

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