Former Trump Advisor Stephen Miller Refutes ‘GOP Cancel Culture’ Talking Point Used by RINOs to Skirt Accountability

Former Trump Advisor Stephen Miller refuted the GOP cancel culture talking point that has been used by RINOs in a desperate attempt to avoid constituent accountability.

“The phrase “cancel culture” is being grossly misused. Neither Boehner, Cantor nor Cheney are victims of cancel culture. Under this flawed reasoning, Jeb was a victim of cancel culture when he lost GOP primary. Political parties exist to represent the views of their voters,” Miller wrote in a tweet.

“In fact, what happens next w/Cheney will demonstrate just how thoroughly cancel culture does not apply—she will have limitless access to financial resources, speaking gigs, corporate and media jobs, etc. So what is cancel culture? It’s the enforcement arm of woke politics,” he added.

Cancel Culture by Markus Winkler is licensed under Flickr CC0 1.0

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