Elon Musk’s X requests Supreme Court investigate how Jack Smith obtained Trump’s social media files

A year after federal courts forced the company formerly known as Twitter to hand over data to special counsel Jack Smith pertaining to former President Donald Trump’s account, the company is asking the Supreme Court to prevent a similar reoccurrence.

X Corp. is asking the justices whether social media platforms can be forced to share data about their users with the government while being disabled from informing those users about the requests.

The company shared information when Smith asked for Trump’s social media account data without the latter’s knowledge. X, owned by Elon Musk, tried to delay Smith from obtaining the data initially, but its bid failed.

The federal judge presiding over that case wondered whether the company was trying to “cozy up” to the former president — allegations that Musk has faced before. Musk recently used similar Trump-supporting rhetoric as many Republicans, insinuating his felony conviction in his New York trial was “motivated by politics.”

President Donald J. Trump by Shealah Craighead is licensed under The White House The White House

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