Don’t Be an Inbox Clogger – Email With a Purpose

A while back, I was talking about getting your email organized. There are people out there (maybe even you) who have over 8,000 emails in their inbox. But I don’t want to talk about your inbox. Today, I want to talk about your outbox, or more specifically about broadcast email in business and how to email with a purpose.

Spammy Blacklisting

If you’re using regular email, say Gmail, or your mail from your website, you have a limit, and that limit is 100 emails per day. If you exceed that limit, the domain that it’s sent from can be marked as spam. For example, I have I’ve got If I send 50 from each one of those, I hit that 100 limits. You’ve got to be careful.

Those limits are usually looking for the same email going out. So if you send one individual email, and then another individual email that’s different, that’s fine. But spamming is considered sending out the same message to a large group of people. That’s why you want to use a broadcast email service.

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