Authorities Demand Access to Private Social Media Conversations to Spy on Anti-Mass Migration Sentiment

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  • Source: modernity
  • 11/29/2023

Authorities in Ireland are set to be given access to private social media conversations in order to spy on anti-mass migration sentiment following the riots in Dublin.

After an Algerian migrant stabbed three children outside a primary school, fiery but mostly peaceful protests broke out in the Irish capital.

Authorities reacted by being more outraged at the protesters than the actual would-be child murderer, who should have been deported 20 years ago and was previously released after being arrested for carrying a knife.

Now Irish people who share spicy memes in WhatsApp chat groups are going to be under government surveillance should this new ‘hate speech’ legislation pass.

Source: modernity
Using Telegram by Christian Wiediger is licensed under Unsplash

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